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Thai Coconut Chicken Soup in Young Coconut or
Tom Ka Kai : ต้มข่าไก่
Thai creamy soup with coconut milk,this soup has a perfect combination from sour,salty,sweet and spicy, and also aromatic aspect from Thai hurbs : lemonglass,galangal, and kafirr lime leave

Thai Spicy Soup with Prawnsor
Tom Yam Goong : ต้มยำกุ้ง
This most popular Thai dish has almost the same ingredients as Tom Ka Kai but over all it's not creamy one and a bit stronger flavor.

Thai Spicy Grill Beef Salad with Fresh Garlicor
Yam Nua Kra Tium Sod: ยำเนื้อกระเทียมสด
This dish is full of herbs and vegetable and also very tasty!
The grill beef steak mixed with fresh garlic,mint, and cilantro make this perfect Thai style health salad.

Thai Spicy Grounded Chicken with Rosted Rice salador
Laab Gai : ลาบไก่
This Thai spicy salad very delicious and super easy to make.You can finish this Thai menu in 5 minutes!
This is another healthy Thai dish mixed with fresh shallot,mint,cilantro.Perfect to serve with sticky rice.








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